Dreams Of A Novice Heart

Dreams Of A Novice Heart

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That first day I stepped out alone;
Nervous and shy,
Throat parched and dry
Walking past the gates,
Avoiding all curious stares.
Asking directions,
Following graffiti and captions
Eyes searching for familiar faces,
My first step towards life’s races.
Unattended; in a world full strangers,
I feel lost like a straw in the manger
Where shall I land from here?
Why do I even have to care?
Today is just day one
All redundant worries I must shun.
Let me take one day at a time,
And build my empire; worthy and sublime
Make my folks gleam with pride,
Take my dreams on a joy ride
Caress them with colors of smiles
But today is just day one
And all redundant worries I must shun.


This poem was published in August 2016 Edition of City Scroll, for Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar . The theme for the month was College.

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