Her Morning Kiss

Every morning;
She smiles at me, embraces me,
And pours her love.
I feel her kiss, the wetness of her lips,
She holds me close,
She holds me tight
Leaving her mark on me.
I hear her all day, sitting alongside;
Confessing her love;
For coffee, books and travel,
For friends, wine and chocolates,
Andโ€ฆher love for him
That twinkle in her eyes,
That vivacious smileย 
Even at the trifling thought of him,
Says it all.
A little heartache tweaks;
Deep within me,
Leaves me pondering
Does she love me or does she not?
Aha! How can she not?
I am the one she starts her day with.
Encircled with stress,
I am the one she would always miss
I amโ€ฆ Her morning kiss.
I am… Her coffee mug.

My Coffee Mug

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