Sometimes, it’s ok not to be strong enough;
And feel vulnerable to every misery
Indisposed to fears;
Ascend towards deciphering our inner selves
Sometimes, it’s ok to cry and shed tears;
Feel naïve and sorry
It would churn the twinge inside out;
Remnant would be less jittery
Sometimes, it’s ok to walk alone;
Love our own self explicitly
Consider outstanding
And be benevolent to the gracious “I”
Sometimes, it’s ok not to be at the receiving end;
That doesn’t mean we cease to give
Bequeath; Abundantly and Selflessly,
Contentment received at the end is priceless
Sometimes, it’s ok to let go;
Of the people who were never meant to be,
Of the place we never belonged to, and
Of things that remind of relentless sufferings
Sometimes, it’s ok to stick around for a little more time;
Even when we are unsure of the final decisions,
And insecure about the same
Convincing; Endings to be better than the transit itself
It’s Ok. Sometimes.
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