Infinity Is The Time…..Till Then, You Are Mine

Infinity Is The Time…..Till Then, You Are Mine
You are my sunshine. I pursue you in the darkest juncture of my being.
You are the moonlight, soaking me in your coolness each time the angst within tends to soar.
You are my anchor. I cling to you when gloomy waves endeavor washing my existence.
You are my strength and shield. You guard me from my own fragility.
You are my friend. I bare my heart and soul unto you, often when I stumble on unconventional paths.
You are my guide. I rely on you through the concealed lanes with nothing to loose but myself.
You are the author, I can open up to in symphony. Like that open book, giving away each and every nuance.
You are my poetry. I recite with my open wounds with the desire to alleviate.
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You are the ocean. I wish to awash, extending far down, into your depths, sail across borders and come back never again.
You are the gush of air I urge for, in my every breath. I am revived as you sweep across.
You are my story. I love to narrate day to day, with great passion and zeal. You are my muse, in all forms of my art.
Every curve of my sketch, every verse of my poem, every composition of my clicks, every stroke of my brush, seek you as the catalyst.
You are the fire. I draw close to you like a moth, only to be burned till infinity.
You are the ice.
My soul freezes within you, only to be melted away into nothingness when spring approaches.
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I drown into despair and you are my dirge
You make my woes strong and deep with every tempest,
You are the melody I hum. I unfailingly get into reverie
I relish the oblivion when you are around
I am inevitably surrounded by you,
Everywhere and anywhere I go.
As far as my sight reaches, as long as my heart would beat.
As deep as the ocean wraps me,
As wide as the clouds appear to be. As close as the horizon seems.
Never-ending, as the time should be.
“You are… My infinity”
Artwork- From here
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