“W” Is For “Wonderful” #atozchallenge

“W” Is For “Wonderful” #atozchallenge
On this almost survival day;
Makes me wonder of my brawn,
To sustain through this challenge,
Gruelling and compelling that was,
Missed days,
Lagged behind,
Never settled on for surrender.
Dear life;
Give me the might to face you in such,
That even death shall comprehend,
That perseverance triumphs,
Through all agony,
And qualms.
You are wonderful dear life,
And so is love.
Such overwhelming,
Has been my journey with you,
Somedays seemed ambiguous,
Some absolute,
Some cheerful,
And some filled with despondency.
Yet I salute;
And shall color you happy
You are wonderful, dear life.
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. this post is for Day 23. The picture above was clicked during one of my visits to Kolkata, India. 
Life is as beautiful and colorful as the beads in the picture above. Only that we need to give ourselves some time to look upto life likewise. The initial verses also mention the almost survival and my perseverance through the A – Z Challenge.
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