By The Promenade

By The Promenade
Standing by the promenade,
I glance across the expanse of the ocean
I seldom blink till the moment I see,
The rise of the comber
Icy and frothy,
Ripping off tranquility
Within the periphery of my heart
Down it goes steadily, back to genesis,
Meandering, yet so stolid
Like mending the lacuna,
Between my despairs and dreams.
In months that have gone by,
For everything lost and clinched,
And every memory profoundly etched.
In that second, under the ochre sky,
My heart and I, both pluck up
What’s with a trepidation quizzing my being?
I have steeled my heart’s soldiers
With sagacity and ardor
‘Cz, I am who I am;
So familiar, yet so unique.


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