“C” Is For “Charlatan” #atozchallenge

“C” Is For “Charlatan” #atozchallenge
Here I sleep with the dreamcatcher;
And promises of dispelling
All thoughts unpleasant,
Through the webs of the hoops.
Uncertainty does spring up,
Coupled with wonders and shambles.
When solitude is amicable,
Than the din of a soirée.
When truth emancipates,
Yet I fall for lies.
Love is about everything happy,
Yet renders me with immense grief.
Cede I must;
The desire for fame and power,
When all it offers, is loneliness and mistrust.
When in life;
All I wish for, is success and wins,
Yet I face many lessons.
Only death can bring the deafening silence
Embracing me forever.
How I have;
The proclivity for all charlatans.
While the virtuous await me.
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today is Day 3. I had clicked this picture while traveling. An empty bench under the shining sun, awaiting forever. 

My List From A – Z

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