Did Gratitude Pay A Visit To Your Heart Too?

Did Gratitude Pay A Visit To Your Heart Too?

March– The month of closing accounts, the month to attain the deadlines and targets, the month when common man is ripped off his pockets (read taxes), the month of board exams, lastly, the month of holidays and festivals.

So, grey isn’t the only shade that March offers, it also brings barrel full of other colors that overshadow the grey-ness of the air. And I did enjoy an all colorful March with variations of smiles in the colors.

Travel always makes me content. Be it solo or with friends and family tagged along. And when it’s your home town you are travelling to, the journey in itself becomes exciting. It was an odd time to go home but I am glad that I went. Parents being out of city made it possible for my sister and I spending all the time together. I played and fought with my nephew. Got to witness his Karate moves. I must say he is doing really well in his Karate classes. I am grateful for the time I got to spend with my sister and could give her ear to everyday struggles.

Another passion of my life after trekking is photography.  I clicked lot many pictures. Since the onset of summer was prevalent, I had stopped trekking and diverted my mind to concentrate on my second love. My instagram feed got room for many new pictures too (Wink).

Sometimes, a change in routine also makes us feel grateful for the various seasons we have. Atleast this gives us reason to concentrate on few more odd things around.

Give-Aways are sublime. I gave away many unused stuffs like a pair of new shoes that did not fit me, an unused comforter, old clothes that my sister had abandoned before she left for Bangalore to the lady who collects garbage from our building. (I did ask her if she was comfortable accepting my offer and she was fine with it).

She did reciprocate with a broad smile which I had hardly noticed earlier. For the first time in 2 years, I asked her name. “Jaya” – She said with another smile.

Sharing is such a peace. It simply let’s us feel humbled.

Love and Smiles– They free you from the shackles of anger and  the feeling of unwantedness that very often creeps around.

I am grateful for the people in my life who do make me feel loved all the time. I am grateful to have been surrounded with my family and my friends who have been my anchor whenever the gloomy tides tried to wash my happiness away.

Resuming my morning walks made me realize how much I missed them all these months. Winters had made me supremely sluggish to get out of the bed during those early hours. I am grateful that I felt the concern to concentrate on my health all over again.

Unknown faces– I hardly travel by local trains in Mumbai these days. Come March and I found myself travelling by local train to a friend’s place. The compartment was jam-packed and I was standing near this girl. She asked me where I was headed to. Hearing that I would alight at the last station, she stood up and let me sit since I was carrying a heavy backpack and there wasn’t any place to keep it either.

I did talk to her after we got down at the same station. asked her name and thanked her for what she had done. She too responded with a broad smile.

A small help from someone unknown makes a lot of difference. It might not change our life or solve our problems but it does cheer us up for that particular moment and we do bear that in mind for days to come.

I am grateful about the fact that I decided  to have boarded the local train that day.

A simple smile does have the power to transform moods of a livid heart.

How did gratitude pay visit to your heart? Do mention in the comments.

Linking this post to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle Blog hop for March 2016.

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