Expectations – Unlit, Dark And Desirous

Expectations – Unlit, Dark And Desirous
You will be left alone at a time you least expect to be. You will be hurt by someone whom you never expect to do so. Your heart will be broken by a person you never expect would do it. You will be cheated on at a time you believe to be at your happiest. You will be asked to get out of someone’s life you assumed to be an integral part of. Someone will make an abrupt exit from your life – uninformed and unexplained.
Are you hurt?
Seething with pain?
Why do you feel you deserve to be loved? Why should your heart never be broken? Why would you feel you aren’t entitled to betrayal? Are you the only one in pain?
Why ask “why me?” What’s so special about you? Would you dare looking around?
Before you do so, I would rather you stare at the mirror. Unlit, dark and desirous. Whom do you see gazing in reverse?
Is that your ego? Or is it the echo of manifestations galore? Does its darkness seem to consume you? Or does its mystique daunt you? You bet to be walking down the lane of ruminations. Get to discern the demons barring you?
It’s time. Cerebrate.


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