“H” Is For “Halcyon” #atozchallenge

“H” Is For “Halcyon” #atozchallenge
We watch the birds waking up;
Of their nests,
Tweeting and trilling.
We watch the sun rising high;
From beyond the crests,
All gold and orange;
In the spanning blue.
We hop around;
Summit to summit,
Embracing solace on every single vertex.
Perched at the pinnacles;
We fathom out,
The girth of our diffidence.
The ramifications in days to come;
Would sure be
Nostalgia, hovering over,
With impression of those halcyon days.
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. This post is for Day 8 which I has missed due to some personal reasons. Compensating for the same.
The above picture was taken from the top of Kalavantin Fort during one of my treks. A night trek and the golden sunrise was best part of the trek and every bit of the journey to the top was worth it.
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