I May Not Be Flawless; Love Me Still

I may not be flawless; but who is?
Like me still
I make blunders; but who doesn’t?
Let it off still
Many a times, I go wrong; 
but not everyone is right all the time,
Correct me still
I may follow a wrong trail; but digressed are all,
Walk with me still
There would come days, 
when I would want withdrawal,
Sit beside me still
I may be enraged and stop talking for a while;
Call me still
My mood swings go crazy and I may ask you to leave;
Stay with me still
I might not laugh at all your jokes;
Humor me still
I may not stop crying and appear outlandish,
Kiss me still
One day; while I may want to give up and quit,
Hold my hand,
Stop me,
Make me stay back,
And love me still.
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