In All Sounds Of Magic

In All Sounds Of Magic
Music is miraculous. Music is therapy.
Feel the soul of music;
When sound of raindrops drum on the rooftop,
When chords of the harp chime out bluesy renditions,
When leaves crackle under the feet, plodding across wilderness.
When the west wind whistles past;
Across barley fields, dancing and tinkling.
When sleeping under the moonless sky freckled with stars,
And silent squeaks of the tent with each current of air.
When temple bells clamour during evening prayer,
And chants of verses fill up the ether.
When she tries cooling her tea on the saucer,
And that contented sigh after slurping the tea.
When sounds of mirth sway my heart off,
And eccentric words play magic in the poetry
When eclectic colors turn the moods on,
Of every festivity with music around.
When sleigh bells jingle in consonance
With white and glistening snowflakes.


I tried playing music inside my head,
But found it everywhere else
And, in everything I listened to,
With love. With harmony.
There’s peace in music and love in all sounds of magic.


Linking with Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Music

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