“J” Is For “Jaunt” #atozchallenge

“J” Is For “Jaunt” #atozchallenge
Sitting by the fence;
I look vacantly, at her beauty,
Her complexion;
White as snow,
And a frame so fragile
My heart topples;
By leaps and bounds,
Each time she turns around,
To head back into the woods.
How so unmindful, how so ruthless;
I speak in my head.
She turns back to me;
Walks towards the river,
Sallying forth to swim
Aha! Her afternoon jaunts;
And there she goes;
Spreading her wings wide with pride,
Spattering water all over her.
I miss no chance, start firing
And capturing,
The special moment I longed for.
She looked aptly desirable;
My muse.
With her complexion;
White as snow,
And a frame so fragile
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today is Day 10. The above picture was clicked in Guwahati, Assam, India. Some things are worth waiting for.
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