“M” Is For “Maa” #atozchallenge

“M” Is For “Maa” #atozchallenge
I miss you sorely;
Every moment, each day,
Good or bad, ugly or beautiful.
You cry when we are hurt
Your mirth knows no bounds
On our accomplishments.
You call;
The moment we are unwell.
But how do you come to know?
You sense;
The shift of words that we use,
How do you decipher?
Your silent prayers;
Always find a place for all but yourself.
Your kitchen;
Finds space for all our favourites,
But your own.
Your heart equally beats;
For each one of us, every second of the day.
You keep caring for us;
Selflessly, sans expectations,
Your love, above reproach
Your smile, the most profound
How do you do that Maa?
I miss you;
Every moment, each day,
Good or bad, ugly or beautiful.
Love you Maa.
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today is Day 13. The picture above is of my mom and my younger sister. Today is dedicated to Maa.
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