Magical Mystical Moods

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The magic of life and moments;
Rants and laments.
The magic when heart skips a beat;
At mere sense of an unexpected feat.

That goblet of love and pint of tear;
Come together.  Always together.
Pain and ice, walk along for miles;
Break the ice with magic of smiles.

Oh so true! Says heart over mind;
Feel the magic when passion unwinds.
Dreams and smiles and all those sighs;
Coupled with gleam in those eyes.

When sleeping under the moonless sky,
Freckled with stars;
And, see the sun rise after waiting for hours.
The magic of being lost and found,
In and out; of sight and sound.

That place where sweet mixes with the salt;
And love happens over beer with extra malt.
The magic of music;
Captive and mystic.

That washing away of the snow;
With colors of spring.
Close thy eyes and feel the mystique,
Of magical moods, elfin but unique.

Magic it is;
Anywhere and everywhere around.

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