“T” Is For “Trekkers” #atozchallenge

“T” Is For “Trekkers” #atozchallenge
There’s a world;
Away from the one where everyone lives in
Encompassing tranquility,
Untwined into the openness,
Of the wild and wilderness.
Where the breeze blends;
With the whiff of parched soil,
And star-lit streams,
Wear away the day long toil.
Where view from top;
Is living in a dream,
And blitheness is
Soaking in resplendence,
Of the bright moonbeam,
Which lights up the dark
And colors the snow blue.
Where clouds float down;
Like waterfall into the abyss,
And rainbow is a circle,
Between sun and the mist.
Where the soul frees itself;
From all affliction around,
Where smile of a stranger
Keeps us spellbound.
Yes, there’s a world;
Prettier than this one,
Only that we know of it,
Cz, we are wandering souls,
We are the trekkers.
The mountains are our love
And they love us back indeed.
 I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. This post is for Day 20. The above picture is from one of my several treks.
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