The Blue Marble

(Disclaimer- This post is titled after the famous photograph of Earth taken during the Apollo 17 lunar mission in December 1972 from space just before landing on the moon. The photograph was named “The Blue Marble” )

Studio NH47 has made this beautiful and inspiring video no one should miss watching.

With 70% engulfed in water and 30% land
We named it Earth, Our Mother Earth, and it certainly is not bland
Rich in minerals and essential gases from core to crust
Serves every species perfectly as it must
With harmonious heterogeneity of flora and fauna
From Japan to Alaska and Africa to China
This is our home, Home to all
Regardless of species, color, ethnicity, beyond borders and wall
We, the humans, consider ourselves best than the rest
Standing tall, utilizing ecological services like pest
Yes, the truth that is, the fact which remains familiar
What have we done to make our home cleaner
And greener?
The Blue Marble- Photograph by Apollo 17 from space in Dec 1972
Deforestation, Industrialization
Technological inventions galvanized more revolutions
Rapid population ascend, stimulated more needs
Driven humanity to kill for feeds
What’s now on is a war
Between ego and eco, that has made relations sour
Soaring carbon and ecological footprints,
Inflated green house gases and depleted ozone are ample hints
Space curb led many lives to extinct
Fertile soil flooding away due to shrinking woodland
Leading the oceans to swell and expand
Our quench for more, will soon leave us with no more,
No more peaceful woods and trails to explore,
No more ravines
Neither any pines
And no more valleys to follow
Just a giant void and a deepening hollow
Surrounded with concrete and burning sunlight
Absolute devastation, and contrite
For lost biodiversity
And elevated aridity
Let’s come together before it’s too late
Help Mother Earth flourish again, without any wait
Plant one tree per person and paint the canopy green
Follow the mantra to keep milieu clean
Reuse, Recycle and Return
Stop fossils to burn
Let’s avoid excessive paper, fuel and electronics
Thus reducing the carbon footprints
Start farming to cosmetics, everything organic
Let’s reuse and recycle the wastewater
Return what’s utilized and let others imprint
Let’s plan better future
For younger generations to come
Let them also have the woods to chase and trails to follow
Not just a giant void and deepening hollow
Earth is our home
Let’s keep it clean and make it green
Ring the bells louder

See the enchanting blue marble smile wider  

This post is a part of the initiative taken by Green yatra ( Now you can gift and plant trees online too with the help of Green Yatra. Let’s start from our homes the change that we wish to see in the world.
Image sources- 1, 2 (Google), 3, 4 and 5 (Google)
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