The Kiss Of Chaos

The Kiss Of Chaos
I stand unmoved; with feet heavy and inert,
Words ringing in my ear; not so euphonious though,
Tears welled up in my eyes; they resist from trickling down.
I desperately yearn to run away,
Shut myself; shut everyone else up,
Shout out loud
And cut the leash of all stares.
Fear hovers over me; my thoughts gagged by demons,
Demons of my own making.
The devil smiles from above; that brazen smile,
And kisses me. The kiss of chaos; dark and drowning.
My blood freezes, numbs all veins,
In vain goes my efforts to thaw the frozen.
I peer at hope being swept away
Like being pulled into the pits of the dunes.
I disdain the thought of giving in
And collect all brawn.
Straighten my feet, stand sturdy,
Proclaim my credo inside my head.
Not this hour,
Not this day; nor in times to come,
Is fear gonna triumph and see me fail.
Let there be the mess of callousness,
For, fear of the fear is ephemeral.
I am, all but darkness,
I am, all but weakness,
I am, all but a fiasco.

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