The Rain And My Yellow Umbrella

“Innocent droplets of rain make almost all events quite natural.”
  — Visar Zhiti

I love the rain…

When it hits the arid soil;
The mesmerizing petrichor,
And my yellow umbrella.
When it washes away;
Everything that is old,
All that was, and all that could have been.
When it hides my tears,
And affliction;
Drenching my body and soul
When it tinkles on the roofs;
The sound of love,
The curve of lips.
When it tries to touch me;
Playing peek-a-boo,
With my yellow umbrella.
When it floods the roads;
Kids swimming across,
With paper sailboats.
When I walk under it;
Every raindrop like a kiss 
Of the stars, amongst them I wish to be.
Reminds me of all my firsts;
From flirts to fights,
And thins to thicks.
It started with the rains,
And ended in the rain;
The story, from beginning, till the end.
I hated the rain
For the first time, with a broken heart;
It still helped me shroud my tears,
This time, beneath my yellow umbrella.
Today, I fell in love with the rain
All over again;
The mesmerizing petrichor,
And my yellow umbrella.


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