“Y” Is For “You” #atozchallenge

“Y” Is For “You” #atozchallenge
This is for You; Like I had promised to do,
To write about you, and how you linger,
In my thoughts,
My dreams,
My wishes,
And in my whims.
Like sunshine after the rain,
Like fragrance of shower in my mane.
Like freshly ground coffee in chilly winter nights,
Like spectra of colors unfurled from whites.
Like the laughter which was long forgotten,
Like the softness of silk cotton.
I beam at your tender touch,
And love your smile so much.
The ocean of your love is boundless,
Makes me emotional as my heart rattles.
You look into my eyes with absolute affection,
In your words, I find happiness’ reflection.
I dream of traveling to the northern lights,
Crossing the history of castles and knights.
Yes Darling!
I am writing about us,
A tiny part of me
And a little about you,
Like I had promised to do.
I have signed up for Blogging From A – Z Challenge April. Today is Day 25. The above picture is for representation purpose only. 
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