“Z” Is For “Zap” #atozchallenge

“Z” Is For “Zap” #atozchallenge


They always make me go down on my knees,

With stomach full of unease,

And the silent storm of emotions rising

Against the backward pull that are pretty much enticing.

With zapping up of the challenge of April,

I recall what had gone into the grill.

Started with staring at the Azure sky

And running to the Bastion,

Appreciated virtuous over the Charlatans,

And praising the Dawn.

Encumbered by the mental blocks,

Still went hand in hand with Felicity,

Faced challenges with Gumption

Yet Halcyon was the month.

Impromptu visits of dear ones made merry,

Together we enjoyed many Jaunts.

Old memories re- Kindled,

But kept away nuisance from Lurking around,

Missed Maa a lot, 

With Nostalgia hovering over,

When love went into Oblivion.

Meditation with Placid mind was relieving,

While keeping love Quiescent felt wise.

Mind Resonating feelings of the heart,

And Serendipity played the magic,

When we met Trekkers from Arctic.

You suddenly usurped the realm of my peace,

But the nobel Virtuoso came to my rescue

I learnt life was Wonderful, when by the mooring,

The Xebec  found the moon mesmerizing

But, it’s You that I am smitten by

Nevertheless, Zapping it up for now,

Oh Darling April! Today, I do bow. 


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