I Am The Change

I Am The Change
I am;
The change,
The hardihood,
The wit,
The escapade.


I am, who I am; without pretence,
I love to do things my way,
But I shall contemplate on your ways too.
I question your beliefs,
To apprehend things better
I might sound a rebel,
And might seem to appear resolute,
But that’s how I fight for my rights,
I never shy to speak my mind
Nor do I discriminate,
Between humans and humans,
For there’s no distinct color of blood.
Feed me not with hate speeches,
For I shall then throw curveballs at you
Blame me not of being rude,
For I shall judge you for yours
Question not my love for my nation,
It’s more immense than your imaginations.
Help me grow from within,
Help me grow without fear of any loss,
I shall in turn help my nation grow.
Trust me, Invest in me;
For, I am the aptitude,
I am the brawn,
I am the future,
And I am the torch-bearer.
Yes, I am the youth,
I am the inspiration,
For one and for all.


This poem was published in July 2016 Edition of City Scroll, for Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar .

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