Sanguine December

That’s how I feel
At your arrival

My heart;
Keeps on swirling,
Deep into the abyss
Of emotions so vulnerable,
Restively waiting,
To be rescued by a smile.

At the threshold,
Of goals and resolutions,
Some conceived, some achieved,
Some passed, some lost.
I look past them;
In silence,
Every memory, every thought,
Every drop of my tear,
Every panic
In that jiffy of fear.
I lived throughout,
And kept hoping,
For every tangle,
To be sorted.

Though appeared gossamer,
Strongly stood will
Facing the odds,
And leading through
The cob-web of doubts,
Obligations and convictions.

And among all uncertainties,
There you come;
Oh darling December
So buoyant and ebullient,
With promises
Of bliss and joy,
Beyond the fireworks,
Let love blossom,
Let life brighten,
Let blessings shower,
Let nostalgia hover.

Beloved December
Embrace me
In all colors of felicity;
From whites to golds,
Of snowflakes and jingling bells,
Startle me;
With your coquettish mirth,
Let calmness come along
And happiness remain flooded,
All around.

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