#AtoZChallenge 2017 Theme Reveal

#AtoZChallenge 2017 Theme Reveal
Happens with me all the time. What’s with me and last minute decisions? My 2nd consecutive year into the April A to Z Challenge and I almost did drop the idea of taking up the challenge this year. Reason – Aplenty. But what’s the point in not trying to break out of our comfort zone for our own sake.
Last year, it was poems for me. Mind you, it wasn’t easy at all but I somehow managed to survive through the challenge and lived to tell the story.
After much contemplation, I zeroed in on my theme for AtoZ Challenge 2017. I would be blogging my way through flash fiction this April – to be precise – 100 Word Fiction. It’s Plain right? Seems like everyone’s writing fiction so what’s so different? Guesswork would suit well here. Let me give you a teeny tiny hint – Each fiction would run around one attribute of my blog name.

Aha! Some of you might have guessed it right. My fiction pieces will be doing merry-go-round with Cocktails. All the best to me. 😀
Much Love people 🙂


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