When I Found My Lucid Soul

When I Found My Lucid Soul
Beyond the ashes of yesterdays,
I realized to have sprung
Out of all protective wings,
And a little more astute.
Under the expanse of comely sky,
And plains colored in white, purple and blue,
I found something euphoric and new;
A forgotten song,
A concealed dream,
And a lucid soul,
Every single minutiae at a place much unknown.
What did I have to loose?
For all my possessions appeared to be a ruse.
I ventured out in the wild,
Strolled across deserts on camel backs,
Sneaked around the snow kissed mountains,
And Slept under the blanket of night.
In quest of search for meaning and depth,
Of life,
Of lost emotions,
Of broken relations,
And of the tears gone cold,
I happened to find myself anew,
Grown up,
Grown out,
And grown distant,
From all things acquisitive.
I now own an explicit desire,
I now can live minus regrets,
And die with none.


[This poem was published in September 2016 edition of City Scroll]

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