I Wanted A Fairytale

I Wanted A Fairytale

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“We love each other like matches in the dark. We don’t talk, we catch fire instead ”
― Mathias Malzieu
Love stories are fairytales afar fancy;
Dreams invariably like dwam,
Waking desires.
Even absolute closeness;
Fails to abridge the distances,
Of hearts that have fallen apart.
Never can the sky subsume the earth;
Beyond the horizon,
While the sun fades down.
The song of heart never finds a voice;
When happy notes make U-turn,
Every melody shift to requiem.
The radiance of colors merely shriveled away;
Eyes toiling to revive,
That name once written on sand.
My story had heartbeats sans many words;
It was “Love” beyond any doubt,
But not a love story though.
The love which ends in incompleteness;
Is never untrue,
But, I wanted a fairytale.


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