Maa- You Are The World To Me

You’re the world to me
Having you around
Eases all anxiety, howsoever strong it may be,
I am nothing but a fragment of you,
Like your shadow against the sun,
Without you; I would go askew
Your love; purest in this world,
Your smile; the most angelic,
In your arms, I love to lay curled,
Even today, I am your little one
Only you can make me feel loved
And always forgive; whatever is said and done
You taught me to stand up
Each time I fell on my knees,
You instilled the faith of never giving up,
And always stood by, like my pillar
When everything seemed to go haywire,
You were my ultimate rescuer
You are my protector, from dangers and darkness
My teacher, for all life lessons
My secret-keeper, for everytime I wished to break free
My confidant, in whom I confide all my thoughts
Your patience knows no bounds,
And you would listen to all my rants
You are my first touch, my first love
You are the solution to all my problems,
You are the tissue to wipe away my tears,
You are my shield;
You are my first expert
Maa- You are the world to me



“Mothers are the experts. The multi-taskers. No other love can ever overcome the love mothers hold for their children”. 

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