I Wish !!!

I Wish !!!
I wish I had never known you; But I undeniably do
Falling head over heels was precisely not the me
Because that was one thing I always reckoned not to be.
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I wish I had never loved you; But I indeed do
Madly, deeply, insanely, Yes I still do
And forever will; come what may
For this is me and forever will be
The one thing I always reckoned not to be.

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I wish I had the courage to back out and selfishly slip away with time
Yelp and laugh out loud; as I always wanted to be
But here I am, all alone
Just when I wished and believed; life is all about you and me
You are nowhere near and all left is just me.

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Why did you go away thus; just the time when I needed you the most
With all the void around; I feel utterly lost
This is not the me coz this was certainly not what I had reckoned to be
I wish…How I truly wish!!!
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