Forever It Is……….Do You Still?

Forever It Is……….Do You Still?
Remember? The morning I cried my eyes out, you asked not to. It was not viable on your part which I asked you for. You mentioned that love for you only meant Zephyr. And promised you would love me forever. Do you still?
Remember? The night I clung unto you, to fall asleep everlastingly. Without the need to be aware of any interlude. Every gratification trapped within thee souls like one. You wanted to do the same, and your lips whispered, “I want this to be unchanged forever”. Do you still?
Remember? That instant when we spent the twilight, watching the sun burn down to the ebb; I wished to share each dusk of my life sitting alongside you; watching the sun go down. And I wished you to be around at every dawn, I waking by your side. You kissed in conformity. Do you still?
Remember? The day we planned that impromptu vacation. Bailing out of workloads. Those frenzied days when not work but leisure keeps one busy. That one jaunt changed everything for you. You had uttered. You were at your happiest self and the reason for your happiness was Zephyr. You wished to travel every corner of the world with me. Enjoy every voyage with me. Do you still?
Remember? Those festivals we rejoiced together. Those Diwalis, those Holis, those Eids, those Christmases. All my wishes were realized by my love. You never left any stone unturned. Always made sure I get what I wished for. Your silent care, your loud mirth, your subtle love, your unsaid emotions. I feel them all; every second. Do you still?
Remember? That late night phone call, when you confessed your love. And many more calls that followed through. Your remarks on each and every gesture of mine. All my firsts with you. The first date, the first outing, the first peck, the first kiss, the first hug, the first fight. You wanted to take me away from everyone. Be with me forever. Do you still?
Remember? After those stupid fights. I was always the one to break the ice. And the teary patch ups. You walked along the corridor blabbering and boasting about being different around me. Only me. You would always say that it was impossible for you to remain quiet and calm with anyone else but me. You mentioned; you would never take any nonsense from anyone but me. Do you still?
Remember? The moment you decided to end this all. I was dead silent and you wanted me to speak. I had a straight face and you wanted me to vent it out. I walked away and you asked me to come back. I asked why? You had no answer. Do you still?
I remember it all. All makes me drown into nostalgia. All makes me smile. All makes me sail in the ocean of tears. All makes me love you more. All makes me abhor less. All makes me vulnerable. All makes me tough. All makes me destructive. All makes me inventive. This is all I am left with.
Is it still Forever? For you?
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