Love – Beyond My Tattered Wings

Love – Beyond My Tattered Wings
At the rear of that flimsy veil,
Beneath tiny quarters of envy and ire,
By the gates of my heart, resides Love;
Fragile and ductile.
Fearful of aborted aspirations,
Tending the tattered wings,
Hopeful of a different sky;
Unscathed and free,
Love shall color my heart with glee.
Beyond those smoky eyes,
Which turn into your muse
On dewy mornings,
Are scores of emotions;
Unassuaged and unfelt.
I ask back the curves of my lips,
From the sunshine of bygones
And unwind lost renditions,
With staccato notes.
Unveil the little door of my heart,
Let love color the town yellow
In nuggets and portions,
Un-promise to remain the fiery shadow
From dimensions of past;
Cheerless and subdued.
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