Dope On The Rope- Waterfall Rappelling at Vihi Waterfall, Kasara

Some say I am crazy, some say I am insane,
The style how I treat myself,
Is my own way towards bliss;
I attain it, facing my fears and stabbing my pain.
I recently went for 120 feet waterfall rappelling with Trek Mates India at Vihi Waterfall (also known as Vihigaon Waterfall), Kasara, near Mumbai. The experience was absolutely superlative. A group of 28, led by Puneet Karmarkar.  
Fact File:
Vihigaon Waterfall is near Vihigaon, Kasara. It is just 10- 12 km drive from Kasara. The waterfall is located in deep forest. The place is an ideal spot for rappelling. A place must visit for waterfall and nature lovers.
This waterfall is also called Ashoka waterfall due to the fact that few scenes of the Shahrukh – Kareena starrer movie “Asoka” were shot near the waterfall
Vihigaon has no facility for food and accomodation. Hence, one needs to carry some food or snacks. 
The Event:
Rappelling also called Abseiling, is a controlled descent off a vertical drop such as a rock face or a cliff using an anchored rope.
The event was organized by Trek Mates India in association with Adventure 7, an organization with well equipped team with experience in outdoors, of training and developing different organizations, schools and colleges in and around Mumbai. They have a team of certified and trained instructors/outdoor educators with mountaineering courses from renowned institutes in India.
We were introduced to basics of rappelling and rappelling equipments by the Adventure 7 team before starting off.
Below are few snaps from the event.
The Introduction
The Teaching and Learning
The Class
Get Ready For The Action
The Start From Top
The Patch Too Slippery
Mission Accomplished
The Helping Hand
The Fun Galore
Puneet- Our Leader- Ready For The Leap
The Group
Can’t Get Over Selfie- Obsession


** Click on the pictures for better resolution

Picture Credits- Apoorva Bhatt

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